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Category Cars
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Created 28-01-2017
Owner rubywright
Title Myntra All The Way
Description Today I was browsing the Internet for new and exciting objects to review and I came upon myntra jewelry designer I’d never heard of before. I kept snooping around this designers site until I came across some myntra discount earrings I had seen before but I never knew who made them. I was delighted to find a mystery I had forgotten about had been solved! I am pleased to present the works of Myntra. Her work is not limited to Barbie by any means, however this collection will be our sole focus in this article. I don’t even remember where I’ve seen these earrings before. I just remember how bad I wanted them. As a little girl Barbie was my world. Profile silhouettes are popping up everywhere on jewelry from pendants to rings and earrings. As an adult earrings featuring the silhouette of my favorite childhood toy would seem silly if it were anything other than Barbie. The little black bows and pink Swarovski crystals make you think that these may be Betsey Johnson. Fortunately the idea of adorning ones self with Barbie is all Myntra. Not all of the Barbie collection from myntra line has such a literal inspiration. The Lucite heart earrings above were crafted to resemble earrings worn by Barbie herself. Many of you may not even remember that Barbie comes with her own earrings because they are usually the first accessory to get lost, they’re right up there with the tiny shoes. Even if you don’t like Barbie there is something in this collection for you. Only a true Barbie fan would see the inspiration in these earrings, and how many of them do you really know? Myntra collection includes the many faces of Barbie through her career as one of the worlds favorite dolls. Above we see a very 1970’s Barbie on bracelets and even a cocktail ring. Personally out of all the items in the photo above the only piece I like is the cocktail ring. Cocktail rings are a must have for the summer of 2008. The rest of the pieces look like they were intended for little girls. I think if you’re going to wear something childish like Barbie jewelry you better do it in a more sophisticated way. This 1980’s version of Barbie is my favorite because this is the Barbie I saw in all of my many Barbie coloring books. The purple and green myntra rhinestones are a little much but I really like the tiny lime green bow at the top of this pendant. Add a few more of those lime bows and you would really have a winner on your hands. Her studio may be located in Los Angeles but her sparkly baubles are in high demand around the world. Don’t worry Myntra has so much more to offer than just Barbie inspired jewelry. She makes everything belts, purses, hair pins an so much pretty sparkling jewelry it will make your head spin. I will definitely be covering more from Myntra in the future.
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