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Category Cottages
Created 06-12-2017
Owner nikesasasassa
Title a great many Ms put on wearing van cleef alhambra
Description DNF Soul Calibur 3 detailed text video Raiders share

Red and green sword dance (preferably more than half a set, I was 7 double gas, 3 single green gas) + left slot fear ghost + a strong light Saber + double devil too knife + Ssangyong too knife

Essential Dressup Equipment:

65 + high-tech powder ring + overclocking shirt (what line) + overclocking title (if GF is available) +. . . . Heap overclocking things

Black Jihad task title (attack demon-type monsters add 300 damage, I brought the RF out of the new anti-magic on the devil to van cleef clover ring imitation add the title of injury)

Simple explanation:

Why fear ghosts, without cat teeth, because the far left slot only 4 anti-magic, and bracelets have 10 anti-magic, so equipped with anti-magic is not appalling, because RF anti-magic title and pet, I can To resist the magic to 100 or more, to ensure that 20% additional attributes

Evil fire can also prepare a (I was strong ice), if there is no support for the soldiers, the earth 2 and 4 plans are to test the explosive essential: unlimited Remy or stinky feet, resuscitation drugs, the future will be out of the mall toys ( 80 version of the mysterious world of toys is not the top ... almost can not solve anything), senior dolls, Hawkeye)

Before you need to be proficient: paradise HP (1SCD, eat that full of blood), Pa body medicine (best prepared after proficiency), spiritual stimulation of the panacea

Pick teammates:

The ranks of the team must not be higher than their own level

The figure play pure text introduction

Different dimension cracks

Into the map to confirm that they are the team 1P

Figure: Although a figure is Zabingtu map, but I feel quite hard, because the body will commit suicide to seduce it, it is recommended to consult with the body, in copy van cleef flower ring the far left to burn them with oil, as play Well. I usually Raptors red, and then breaking the sword dance, but sometimes the Raptors will be stuck in the pillars, and then Hula circle rushing, Diaoxie quite fast, but in general nothing worth noting

Second figure: open the 80 after the mysterious world of toys is not used, so this figure still have to be careful, do not be rough and hard hit the red screen, copy van cleef engagement ring a single brush thick and hard mobs are only hit you alone, fainted basic Dead, mall toys can be solved

Three Figure: Put the red array green array in the far left, and then seduce, the green name silly to fly over, but the green name will hit a small target within the scope of the gas, away from the slightly farther point, and then lightsaber Ghost in the ghost in the ghost ghost, pushed to the left, after the end of the reading sword dance wait, this strange is very crisp, eat bleeding, the basic casual spike

Four pictures: very good fight, blame no race, more blood, the knife cut on the bleeding effect is poor, big break the military do not indiscriminate use, stay in the two light elves dizzy you are not playing that light elves, try to even Green name and light elves play together, I hit this figure smelly feet constantly

Figure: Opening for the sword of the right glance ramp down Raptors, and then pull the knife, can hange to death three, at least two will be damn, and then get to the lower right corner of the fierce wave what, if there is a The wrong place, it cleared on the line

BOSS Figure: Nothing to say, the third wave of small game before eating a resurrection drug, I doused stool sometimes dead, do not know why

The following is a video of daily drag This picture is generally live dead body burned to 4, so the blood lead to 23 Figure Green strange high

Into the map for a full set of heap overclocking equipment

A: overclocking, changing equipment, and then just can make engagements to kill light, double white too knife effect pull the group

Into the second figure before the sword into the double-slot gas can increase the injury (I can swap out for seconds)

Figure II: This operation do not eat hemorrhoids blame, change the light hardcore hard bar it, I bring 12 70SS light sword, covered with sword dance, a sword can be hacked death, of course, the average team level is not high, if not out of seconds, Pay attention to protect and protect the body, do not let the body die (these words are awkward). . .
Price $ 50,000.00
Promotion level None