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About me Three men jailed for attempted robbery on Tag Lane

The incident on Tag Lane, Ingol, saw a shot fired through a first floor window and narrowly missed the couple inside.

The gang were found guilty in April following a two week trial at Preston Crown Court.

Kyle Garth, 24, of Weeton Camp, Singleton, received seven years in prison for attempted robbery and five replica cartier white gold ring years for possession of a firearm with intent imitation gold cartier love ring to commit and indictable offence.

The court heard how Garth, wearing a balaclava, and his two accompolices, John Abela, of Thistleton Road, Preston and Ashley O Balcarres Road, Preston, gold cartier love ring fake had turned up at the house.

They intended to rob an associate who they believed had a large sum of money.

Garth had a loaded gun and having failed to get through the door climbed up onto a flat roof and fired a shot through the first floor flats living room window.

Gun shot damage to the window on Tag Lane

Abela, 28, was sentenced to six years and nine months imprisonment for the attempted robbery, with five years concurrent for a firearms offence.

O received 10 years in prison for attempted robbery, with seven years concurrently for firearms offence.

Lancashire Police hailed the sentencing as a warning for anyone thinking of using a gun in Preston.

Detective Inspector Paddy O'Neill from Preston CID who led the investigation said: am satisfied with the sentences passed down to these three men as they reflect the seriousness of the incident. The victims were very fortunate not to have been seriously injured by the gun shot.

would hope that these significant sentences serve cartier replica white gold ring as a warning and as a deterrent to those who think it is acceptable to carry and use firearms with criminal intent in Lancashire. For incidents such as these the public would expect us to undertake a well resourced and effective investigation to bring perpetrators to justice, as we have in this instance.
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