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Category Hardware
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Created 14-12-2017
Owner zhangxiaosan
Title Daming Xuande furnace
Description Daming Xuande Furnace was born, opened nearly six centuries of ancient and modern collectors mystery of its unresolved mystery, and now appeared in the spring auction scene, can be described as a big blessing in today's collection industry. Xuande furnace, for the Ming Dynasty Xuande created incense stove, usually used for mausoleums, temples and powerhouse burning incense, worship Buddha, worship ancestor. Xuande furnace in the middle of Xuande mimic the Song Dynasty burn spots, covering the nature of the furnace, with a foreign liquid brine infiltration, wipe, smoked wash, the color into wax tea. Xuande furnace basic shape is open, square lip or round lip, neck short and thin, flat drum belly. In short, the most fancied Xuande furnace lies in color. Forged Xuande furnace color hyun on the outside, really Xuande furnace color into the endoplasm, from the bleak release of a wonderful luster, as the beautiful woman. read more:
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