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Created 23-01-2018
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Title to the following points during use

scrub hard to wash with water, and then to cloth dry, dirt stand to make things smooth as new. This will remove stubborn stains, suitable for cooking stoves, ceramic tiles, stainless steel vessels, railings handrails, aluminum doors and windows, bicycles, motorcycles, plastic products. Removal of oil: Daily cleaning with a detailed fluffy cloth to clean, the door oil stains can be neutral detergent or soapy water

gently wipe with a dry cloth to the general oil stains, with a neutral detergent or Apply lightly soapy water, wipe with a dry cloth. Do not use thinner, solvent, abrasive, powder products cleaning. Surface oil stains and dirty stains best get rid of in 12 hours. Edit Comment: cabinets are the protagonist of the kitchen, cooking cooking are carried out in the above, clean and tidy cabinet panel is not only beautiful, but

also help to improve the owner's interest in cooking. For more knowledge of cabinet panel cleaning and maintenance, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.Panel furniture refers to the wood-based panels as the main substrate to plate as the basic structure of disassembly modular furniture. Convenient panel disassembly, design diversity, not easy to deformation, and affordable, is the

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