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Talkbacks There's more to life than Gemara

The love of Torah by reviewing and working through difficult passages of the sugya must also be reinforced from the home. opened up a new world to me that has insured my friends and I, a tremendous attachment to Torah throughout our lives. Within the walls of Yeshiva we also absorbed Halacha, hashkafa, history, machshava etc. Not just the books that Uri mentioned. What I see here in the Israeli Yeshiva high schools is that parents convince their young boys to respect the Bagrut more than the Gemara. I'm sure that Rav Kook zt"l would have never agreed to minimize the learning of Gemara and replace it with even his books (nor the Chafetz Chaim).

A student and teacher in Israel

I went to a chabad yeshivah for balei teshuvot. We sat around learning chassidut, chumash, chassidut, halacha from the shulchan aruch harav, chassidut, and more hassidut. What I really wanted to learn was the gemara. Now I sit in a kollel after work and while everyone else is learning chumash and halacha what am I learning? That's right: gemara. The fact that you didn't like it doesn't mean there aren't those of us who do fake van cleef ring and what's more, whether you like it or not, its the basis of Jewish literacy. Want to understand Rashi on Chumash? Gemara and Midrash. Want to understand the Bartenuero? Gemara. Want to understand the halacha? Gemara. And the list goes on.

This is interesting to me to read and understand, and it reminds me of Christians that study hard and go to schools to learn the Bible. And the whole thing becomes mans intellect and striving, and yet there is no entering into the 'rest' of God. We are told to read in an undertone the laws of God day and night , and it is likened to drawing up the 'waters' of life' God doesn't put any length of time we do this as long as it is done with discipline day and night. So we take in the knowledge of God and we christians also take in knowledge of the One he sent jesus Christ. We obey his commands and we receive his promises.

Great article Mr. Orbach. I think people in the tallback are misreading Uri's words. In no way does Uri condone learning talmud in high schools with capable religous kids rather it should be revisited in the more left leaning liberal orthodox schools where a solid majority of the student body is not religously observant. Should one of the few times Jewish kids may ever learn yiddishkeit in a organized fashion be spent on figuring out who said what about building a sukkah on a camels back ? Coming from a similar background, Mr. Orbach is just stating what we have all be thinking all along.

Wonderfull artical and very true and to the point it should be on the fromt page of the jewish press though where it might be seen by those who make the decisions. However my frustrations with the monocromatic mindset of the "yeshiva", where I attended a well know and large yeshiva high school in Brooklyn, was the catlyst for me choosing to leave the "derech". This choice was singularly made because the brand of torah and judiasim being forced down my throat was: 'if you cant master gemara and you dont wear a black hat and jacket you Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry replica are a goy'!

I have since grown up as some 10years have gone by since i finished with yeshiva and returned to the orthodox life style but I would sooner send my own children to a "mixed" school like Yeshiva of Flatbush then subject them to the classic yeshiva high school. In turn, others, needing to make adeicison for their children, would be drawn toward deciding in favor of sending their sons ( at least ) to the chareidi system yeshivos so they dont wind up writing incompetent or just plain sad, articles, like this one.

He says that first one must fill themselves with mikra, mishna, gemara, etc., and only then to be oseik in pilpul chaveirim. See his works for more ideas and details.

The other, distorted ways are a great danger. To a degree they are a modern invention.

It's unfortunate that today 'Lita' has become associated with such a dangerous path, when 1) it was not universal, even in the old Lita, 2) it was actively opposed by some.

Lita was not what some people imagine, a place where everyone learned in kollel forever. Most Litvaks were baalei batim and when they learned, they didn't learned Brisker chakiras all the time.

There were organizations, such as chevra Shas, where the whole Talmud was studied, not just a few pages, as well as chevra Tehillim and other types of Torah societiesa nd study groups.

In Volozhin, the whole Talmud was studied, not just a few select pages or sections.

Litvaks can and do learn halocho too, though there is room for improvement there, I admit.

Re davening I protest Van Cleef & Arpels Cosmos copy comment 11. A proper Lithuanian Yeshiva has a proper davening too, not overly rushed, while many Hassidic services daven very quickly. So let's not generalize and stereotype too much here.

Three cheers for Orbach. He has hit the problem of modern yeshivot in Israel and the US as well. When I was in yeshiva high school in Brooklyn, NY, I attended a "modern" high school. We were taught more than just Gemara, I studied Chumash, Nevi'im, Lashon, Sifrut, Jewish History and the like. We were given a broad range of Jewish subjects and we learned in Ivrit B'Ivrit.

Unfortunatly, today most elementry Jewish Day school students cannot converse or write in Hebrew. When they get to high school the vast majority of their Judaic Studies is Gemara and this is not just in the "right wing" yeshivot. Even if an American high school student spends a post high school year in Israel that he may still not get the needed exposure to Nevi'im and K'tuvim, Jewish Philosophy, etc. The girls get a better Jewish education in the US than boys do.

It is time for some daring educators to bring about a return to what true Jewish education was.

Reading through your story could not of had come at a more eerie time. I actually just hung up with a friend of mine, who I was explaining that I was always bothered that in Yeshiva's today the standard is always Gemara and nothing else. While I am an Orthodox Jew (and very proud of it) and was raised in a beautiful orthodox home, along with an exstensive yeshiva background. It is only now that I realize that while I covered a vast majority of the Gemara world. I have never properly focused myself on Mishna, Tanach and Mussar, because everything in the Yeshiva world is strictly focused on Gemara, which is very important as it does sharpen your mind and train you to think out of the box. But at the same time no school that I know of ever focuses on the fundamentals of which Gemara is based on, such as Mishna and Tanach. How many Ponovech Bochurim could say that while they knocked off Shas at age 27, that they have also properly focused themselves on Tanach?
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The Chrysler Building

Forget that the Chrysler Building went up more than 70 years ago. In daylight, with its stainless steel crown gleaming in the sun, or at night, when the triangular windows of that crown are lit up, lined up in seven curving rows that overlap like fish scales as they stretch up to that swordfish nose spire, the Chrysler Building always looks like the future. It Jazz Age poetry, rendered timeless by the ever changing sky around it.

Architects, who have both intuition and training on their side, have some very good reasons for loving the Chrysler Building. The rest of us love it beyond reason, for its streamlined majesty and its inherent sense of optimism and promise for the future, but mostly for its shimmery, welcoming beauty a beauty that speaks of humor and elegance in equal measures, like a Noel Coward play.

How can a mere building make so many people so happy particularly so many ornery New Yorkers, who often pretend, as part of their act, not to like anything? There may be New Yorkers who dislike the Chrysler Building, but they rarely step forward in public. To do so would only invite derision VCA oriental princess jewelry replica and disbelief. The Chrysler Building is shorter than its fellow art deco triumph, the Empire State Building (which took its place as the tallest building in the world only a few months after the Chrysler completion), but it looks so much more significant. The Chrysler Building is indisputably the gem of the city skyline. In his small and wonderful book Look of Architecture, critic Witold Rybczynski calls the exterior of the Empire State Building architectural equivalent of a gray flannel suit. The Empire State Building has its own charms but it doesn sing to us as the Chrysler Building does.

The Chrysler Building, on Lexington Avenue at 42nd Street, was completed in the spring of 1930, but the most significant triumph in its construction had occurred several months before. The building was originally commissioned by developer William J. Reynolds, who hired William Van Alen as his architect. New York was caught up in a rush to put up the world tallest building, although several potential record breaking skyscrapers that were in the planning stages never panned out. The Chrysler Corporation took the project over from Reynolds; the company chairman, Walter P. Chrysler, wanted the prestige of Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry fake claiming credit for the world tallest building. Chrysler didn demand drastic changes to Van Alen original design, but the building most significant embellishments came about as the result of Chrysler involvement most notably the famous hood ornament eagles, whose sleek heads extend majestically from eight corner points at the building 61st floor.

As it turned out, Van Alen found himself in competition with his former partner, H. Craig Severance, who was building what he claimed would be the world tallest building, the Bank of Manhattan, at 40 Wall Street. In the fall of 1929, word came to Van Alen that Severance had added a flagpole to the top of his edifice that would beat out Van Alen project by 2 feet. Not to be outdone, Van Alen hatched a secret plan. In November 1929, over a period of just 90 minutes, a crew of construction workers assembled and erected the Chrysler Building 180 foot spire, which had previously been constructed in parts, secretly, inside the building. With the addition of that spire, the Chrysler Building stretched 1,046 feet into the air, leaving Severance building not in the dust but at least a few feet lower in the clouds, and surpassing even the Eiffel Tower 1,024 feet. For a few months, until the completion of the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building held the honor of being the tallest building in the world.

At the time, though, that wasn as much of an honor as you might think. As all new constructions do, the Chrysler Building fell under the close scrutiny of critics. It was viewed as a folly, a vanity project. The architecture critic Kenneth Murchison called Van Alen Ziegfeld of his profession, and while Murchison may have meant it as a compliment, there were plenty of others who thought of Van Alen as little more than a flashy showman. What more, after the stock market crash, the skyscrapers of the were seen as showy and somewhat unpleasant reminders of more prosperous times.

But that only one way of looking at it. You could also look at Van Alen erection of that spire in November 1929, less than a month after the stock market took its horrifying plummet, as a brashly hopeful gesture.

Looking at the Chrysler Building now, though, it hard to argue against its stylish ebullience, or its special brand of sophisticated cheerfulness. It has often been noted that the building design was influenced by German expressionism, and it does look like something out of Fritz Lang But the Chrysler Building isn nearly dour enough to have been dreamed up by a true German expressionist. Particularly at night, the crown triangular windows lit Classic fake van cleef jewelry up, fanned out and stacked high into the sky suggest a sense of movement that has more in common with dance than with architecture: Those rows of windows are as joyous and seductive as a chorus line of Jazz Age cuties, a bit of sexy night life rising up boldly from an otherwise businesslike skyline.

But while we on the subject of art deco beauties, whether they girls or buildings, we need to talk about the more disappointing qualities of the Chrysler Building. It may be true that all interesting architecture begins on the second floor, but you have to look up quite a few more stories than that before the Chrysler Building gets cooking. It belongs to the sky, not the street. The spire, the cowl and crown, the eagle gargoyles at the 61st story, are all made of what, in 1929, must have looked like the material of the future, a type of German made stainless steel called Nirosta.

But you can walk right by the Chrysler Building and, discounting its imposing, space age, cathedral like main entrance on Lexington Avenue, easily mistake it for any other garden variety office building of its era. At street level, most of what you see is an expanse of rather common, if not unpleasant, white brick. (For deco grandeur closer to eye level, check out the Chrysler Building neighbor across the street, the Chanin Building, whose bas relief fa is a wide ribbon of stylized Egyptian influenced flora.)

That not to say the Chrysler Building doesn hold its share of wonders inside, even if some of them are at this point, sadly, mere ghosts. The lobby is an oddly welcoming expanse of red African marble (said to have been mined 200 feet underwater): The warm russet color, veined with gray, black and cream, seems to beckon you in. A majestic mural, including a likeness of the building itself as well as scenes of construction workers (some of them real men who worked on the building), airplanes and other symbols of the modern age, stretches across the ceiling, a Sistine Chapel to honor the gods of industry and prosperity. (The mural, which had grown dark with age over the years, was recently restored by the building current owners, TWM Real Estate and Tishman Speyer Properties.)

Unfortunately, not all of the interior art deco opulence has been lovingly cared for at least not yet. In the the 66th, 67th and 68th floors of the Chrysler Building were devoted to a speakeasy known as the Cloud Club, which was appointed with lavish pink marble bathrooms and a gleaming bar of Bavarian wood. Members had their own lockers (each marked with a secret code written in hieroglyphics) so they could stash their hooch in the event of a police raid. The Cloud Club is currently not in use, and there have been reports that the current owners have gutted it and parceled its fixtures out to museums. (For some present day pictures of the Cloud Club, as well as other historical tidbits, see Chris Damore helpful and entertaining Chrysler Building Web site.)

Until 1945, the Chrysler Building housed an observatory on the 71st floor, featuring futuristic, slanted walls decorated with deco sun ray graphics. (The 71st floor is currently rented out as corporate office space, although the tenant has reportedly made efforts to preserve its original flavor.) It disappointing that the observatory is no longer in use: What would it be like to view the landscape of modern New York from a room whose decoration and design were suffused with grand dreams of that as yet unglimpsed future?

But then, maybe it enough of an honor to enjoy the view from the ground. It true that New Yorkers can be disdainful of anyone who looks up: You marked as a tourist if you too visibly impressed by the size and scale of the city grandest buildings. You also likely to hold up foot traffic, which is decidedly frowned upon.

But if you don look up at least once in a while, you miss out. I love looking up at the Chrysler Building from somewhere close to its base to see the way its glistening silver decorations, including ornaments shaped like radiator caps, seemingly appear out of nowhere against the building simple white expanse. And beyond those radiator caps, beyond the ready for flight eagles, the crown is the most glorious decoration of all. Against the newly altered New York skyline, the glow of that crown seems more hopeful than ever. Eternally poised for takeoff, the Chrysler Building is always pointed toward the future. It a building that never looks back.
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Simon Van Kempen

Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimon and Alex McCord have all continued with their professional lives since getting fired from "The Real Housewives of New York City," writing books, designing and pursuing online fake Van Cleef & Arpels necklace ventures.

And although none of the ladies has disappeared from the public eye since getting the axe from Bravo, Alex and husband, Simon van Kempen, are the first of the bunch to return to the reality TV genre, joining VH1's "Couples Therapy."

"For a couple of days imitation Van Cleef ring last week, they were being trailed by a film crew, both in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Cameras were seen loading in and out of their Brooklyn brownstone, and they shot in at least one restaurant. It was just them with no other cast members involved," a source close to the couple told me.

The couple says they are just filming a family imitation Van Cleef & Arpels ring Christmas video (in July), but TV insiders confirm they will be back on reality TV this year as one of the new couples on the VH1 series, where they will be discussing life after "Housewives," becoming famous in the reality world and hopefully what it was really like working with Jill and Kelly for four seasons.
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Rugby World Cup winner dies following motor neurone disease battle

Former Ireland star Brian O'Driscoll was among the first to offer condolences on social media, tweeting: "RIP Joost van der Westhuizen. An incredible player and fighter to the end. The first of the new age 9's".

Statements from his J9 Foundation on Saturday evening Van Cleef & Arpels gold ring replica and Sunday morning revealed Van der Westhuizen had been in a "critical but stable" condition in an intensive care unit.

Sunday morning's update, though, added that he was "putting up an incredible fight" and there was further encouragement later in the day.

A statement released around 5pm GMT on Sunday on the J9 Foundation's Facebook page read: "Joost has been much better today however he is tired and been resting this afternoon.

"Thank you for the continued support for him and his family."

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On Adblock click "Don't run on pages on this domain".

If you are Private Browsing in Firefox, "Tracking Protection" may cause the adblock notice to show. Van Cleef & Arpels gold ring fake It can be temporarily imitation Van Cleef ring disabled by clicking the "shield" icon in the address bar.
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The Damage of Vietnam

ON Aug. 26, 1966, Philip Van Cott's Marine unit was ambushed in the jungles of Vietnam, a trip wire went off, a bomb exploded and shrapnel pierced a hole in his right hand. Mr. Van Cott, Van Cleef & Arpels gold diamond pendant replica whose squad was in constant firefights during his five months in the jungle, was helicoptered to safety. He spent seven months in Japanese and American hospitals as the wound healed, completed his two year tour in the States, then was honorably discharged.In the years since, he has been married to the same woman, Karen, for nearly four decades, had two sons and a grandson, held several jobs, bought a home, owned a restaurant, spent 20 years with the post office and in 2006 at age 60, retired.Nowadays, he paints in his studio several times a week, swims and lifts weights, attends 7:30 Mass on Sunday mornings, and travels with his wife. Every other Thursday, for the last 10 years, he has driven to the Veterans Administration Vet Center here where he gets therapy for post traumatic stress disorder in connection with his Vietnam combat service.He first went for help after threatening a supervisor at the post office, and nearly losing his job. "I had rages, and I was getting worse," he said. psychiatrist diagnosed the disorder, Mr. Van Cott did not believe it Vietnam was so long ago. They had him join a therapy group for Vietnam veterans. "I figured these guys were doing it to collect a disability check," he said. "It took two to three years before I started realizing what I was doing was crazy."He now takes medications for anxiety and depression. And in therapy, he works on anger control. His wife thinks it's helped, but he's not sure. "I don't know if you can escape what you are," he said. In mid August, he stormed out of a session at the Vet Center because he was sure his therapist was snubbing him. "He was late for our appointment, then walked by three times without saying anything," Mr. Van Cott said. caseload.On so many fronts, the country still pays for the Vietnam War. may receive over $3,000 a month if judged 100 percent disabled. That stipend comes out of the veterans compensation and pension system, which this year is expected to pay $44.7 billion for a variety of benefits, with the biggest share going to veterans of Vietnam and the current conflicts.In Mr. Van Cott's case, his therapist believes his problem predated copy Van Cleef & Arpels necklace the war (Mr. Van Cott was a tough kid who grew up on the streets of Brooklyn and liked to fight) and then was severely exacerbated by war."And how long before you were wounded?""Do the math," Mr. Bressem said. "That's 70 times in five months someone was trying to kill Phil here. Pretty intense experience."Mr. Van Cott said that during his tour, he knew about a dozen men who were killed. His Marine unit was the subject of one of the great Vietnam documentaries, "A Face of War," by Eugene Jones, who followed the soldiers for three months of combat. Of the 18 Marines the film focused on, 12 were wounded (Mr. Van Cott is seen being hit and going down in the film); one was killed; and only five got out of fake Van Cleef & Arpels 18K gold diamond pendant Vietnam without a physical wound. There are also scenes of Vietnamese villages being burned to the ground by Mr. Van Cott's unit for cooperating with the enemy and Vietnamese peasants dying.
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She Stoops to Conquer stands test of time

Whether it be The Beverly Hillbillies or William Shakespeare, the device of misunderstandings leading to outrageous behaviour is one of comedy's time honoured tropes. When it works, it can be gut bustingly funny.

That's one reason Oliver Goldsmith's She Stoops to Conquer, first performed in 1773, stands the test of time. The play is constructed on a cross hatch of misunderstandings and trickery so dizzying and quick, it's like witnessing a merry go round operated by a Benzedrine addict.

The central conceit has a young man, Marlow, being gulled into believing he's staying at an inn. In fact, he's at the rural mansion of one of his father's close friends. Marlow behaves as an upper class gent might at a hotel, demanding dining options, an inspection of his sleeping quarters and hot fake Van Cleef & Arpels silver necklace toddies. Naturally, this enrages Mr. Hardcastle, the home's owner, who finds his visitor impudent beyond belief.

That's just one of the Byzantine curves and twists offered in She Stoops to Conquer (a perennial chestnut, partly because it's studied in colleges and high schools). Langham Court Theatre has cooked up a worthwhile revival benefiting from a strong ensemble cast, fine costumes and clever direction.

The director, Toshik Bukowiecki, has adapted the comedy as a 1920s romp. It's certainly not the first time this has been done, yet here it works well. Jazz Age exuberance is well suited to this farcical comedy of manners, in which the younger set dupe the oldsters with the exuberance of Charleston dancers.

The catalyst Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry copy necklace for many of the shenanigans is Mr. Hardcastle's stepson Tony, a semi lovable ne'er do well who spends must of his time boozing in the pub. On Thursday night, Jordan Bell, a newcomer to Langham Court, offered a heightened, puckish performance that served to make Tony a comic linchpin.

The big joke with Marlow is that he's an absolute rake when it comes barmaids and servants, and a nervous mouse when socializing with upper class women. This dichotomy must be well defined. The boyish looking Jason Vikse did not disappoint, although his shy Marlow (stammering, fearful of eye contact, pawing at walls) was more convincing than Marlow the playboy.

Often in community theatre, productions are carried on the shoulders of one or two strong actors. Not so with She Stoops to Conquer, replete with good performers. Marlow's buddy Hastings is well played by the promising Sean Dillman, also making his Langham Court debut. As Marlow's love interest replica Van Cleef & Arpels Albambra malachite Necklace Kate, Keeley Teuber navigated the teeter totter between upper cruster and Cockney accented maid with aplomb a solid and confident performance.

Kudos also go to Randy Parker (Mr. Hardcastle) and Rosalind Coleman (Mrs. Hardcastle). Euphemia MacMurchy showed an understanding of Constance, who's in love with Hastings, but on this night her turn seemed a touch tentative.

A welcome directorial touch is having little scenarios played out between scene changes. A jolly maid (Beverly Van Druten Blais) flirts and cavorts during these well played routines. Designer Don Keith has hatched a functional set with sliding panels. The idea of projecting various scenes using slides is good, although some images were bleached out and focus could have been sharper.

Lisa Leighton's well cut costumes are terrific. There's plenty of attention to detail ranging from elegant bows to pocket squares and watch chains in these 1920s recreations.

For the much of the time, this well rehearsed She Stoops to Conquer maintained the frothy momentum such comedies require. The entertainment value of this show was apparent in the reaction of a gaggle of teens in the audience, attending as part of a field trip. Most seemed truly engaged by the show. At the end, they burst into enthusiastic applause, as did we all.
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No Picture
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When Chamberlain and Russell Collided

Taylor talks with Scott Simon about the book.

Excerpt: Chapter One

ON THE NIGHT of November 7, 1959, people lined up on the sidewalks outside Boston's North Station, a dingy yellow brick building, and crowded along the bar at the Iron Horse, the old drinking parlor inside. They stood in clusters on Causeway Street and Haverhill Street and Canal Street, their voices almost drowned out by the thundering traffic on the elevated highways and subway tracks that crossed above them on iron girders, and by the hiss and clang of the trains in the rail yards.

The citizens of Boston had much to debate that evening. Senator John Kennedy, who had all but announced his intention to run for president the following year, had been touring California and Oregon the previous week, greeted by ecstatic crowds carrying signs saying "Viva Kennedy!" In Boston itself, a newspaper strike was under way, and just four days earlier, John Collins, the Suffolk County register of probate and a victim of paralytic polio who was confined to a wheelchair, had defeated Senate president John Powers for the Boston mayoralty. It was a stunning upset, brought about by an FBI raid on the headquarters of a gambling syndicate just one hundred yards from the East Boston police station and resulting in charges of widespread corruption in the city's government.

But the topic that consumed the crowds around North Station was neither the television scandal nor the impending administration of John Collins nor the presidential prospects of a young Irish American Catholic. It was instead basketball, specifically the game scheduled that night between the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia Warriors. While Boston was a storied sports town, the sports that had always provoked the most passion were baseball and hockey, the sports hermes click clack bracelet replica of the Red Sox and the Bruins. These were sports with rich local histories, sports that had been played for generations in Boston and had, over the years, woven themselves so deeply into the fabric of the city that residence there seemed virtually synonymous with a rabid devotion to its baseball and hockey teams. Professional basketball, in contrast, was only thirteen years old in 1959. Walter Brown, the owner of the Bruins and leaseholder on the Boston Garden, had started the Celtics to fill seats at the arena on nights when his beloved hockey team was not playing and the big, drafty building, located above the train station, would otherwise sit dark and empty. In other words, the team was a purely commercial afterthought in a sport without strong roots in the city's culture, and for much of the fifties, attendance at its games reflected this. Rarely was the Garden more than half filled on the nights it played. Members of the Celtics joked that while Ted Williams could not get out of a car on Charles Street without being mobbed, their entire team could walk the length of the Common and no one would give them a second glance.

On the night of November 7, however, every one of the 13,909 seats in the Garden had long been sold out, even the hundreds of seats whose views became partially obstructed when the hockey arena was converted to a basketball court by raising the backboards, running guy wires out to the sides, and bolting the wooden parquet squares to the subflooring. Outside, along Causeway Street, scalpers were demanding upwards of $20 for tickets that usually went for $2.50. I can get more for it at the Garden just before game time."

The reason for the excitement was that twenty three year old Wilt Chamberlain had joined the Philadelphia Warriors as a rookie that year and on this night Chamberlain would for the first time face the Celtics center, Bill Russell. The game was so eagerly anticipated that Red Auerbach, the Celtics coach, had been telling people that it would draw enough fans to fill Yankee Stadium. Little Goliath. They were speculating about what would happen when an "irresistible offensive force" encountered an "immovable defensive object." In an article anticipating the game, Sport magazine's headline was "The Big Collision," and it declared, "Pro basketball will be stepping into its golden age when Wilt Chamberlain, the rookie, clashes with Bill Russell, the leaping veteran."

Chamberlain had attracted national attention even while a student at Overbrook High School in Philadelphia, where his team won fifty eight games and lost three in his three years there and where he set a statewide scoring record, averaging just under forty points per game. In the early fifties, George Mikan, the six foot ten inch center of the Minneapolis Lakers, had dominated the game. But Mikan was a lurching, graceless man who wore metal rimmed glasses and lumbered up and down the court, bashing aside opponents with his huge left arm. Chamberlain was more than seven feet tall and wore size fourteen and a half shoes, but he was also quick, agile, strong, and smart. His legs were so long that he seemed part gazelle. And they were so powerful that when he leaped up, arms raised, toward the backboard, his hands at the apex of his jump were three feet above the rim, which he could look down into. He was so good that not only did no one seem to be able to beat him, few people seemed actually capable of playing against him.

Except maybe Bill Russell. Russell had led the Celtics to two championships since joining the team three years earlier. Never much of a shooter, Russell had nonetheless perfected a style of defensive play, blocking shots and rebounding ferociously by leaping so high into the air that he seemed to hang there in suspension. His size and athleticism had literally transformed professional basketball. Prior to Russell joining the National Basketball Association, the game had consisted of little more than men running up and down the court making layups. But because Russell blocked layups so effectively, players had been forced to create a wider range of offensive plays, passing back and forth and setting screens until one of them could make a mid range jump shot. The game immediately became more complex, varied, and challenging for the players and more involving and fun to watch for the spectators, and the late fifties became known as the Russell Era. It was a feat so startling, requiring such a rare combination of timing, grace, and strength, that it seemed to have more to do with acrobatics than with basketball. Until then, the sport had been thought of as a game played well below the net. Now it was becoming a game played in the air.

Russell, sitting in the Celtics locker room before the game, had read the articles musing about an end of an era his era, even though he was only twenty six and he wondered if they were true. Russell had eaten a steak that afternoon and then played cards with his teammates Maurice King and K. C. Jones, who had also been his teammate on the University of San Francisco Dons when he led it to two NCAA championships. Russell always got nervous before a game, so nervous that he routinely threw up. Night after night, sixty or seventy times a season, he was in the hermes replica bag head before the game tossing the remains of his lunch. In fact, he did it with such regularity that to his teammates it became a ritualistic sign of good luck. If Russell wasn't in there puking, they got worried.

But on this night Russell was more nervous than usual, even after the obligatory trip to the head. Russell was tall, six ten, but Chamberlain had three or four inches on him; Russell didn't know exactly how many inches, because while Chamberlain was officially listed at seven feet one and one sixteenth inches, he also claimed that no one had measured him since he was in high school. Also, Russell knew, Chamberlain was a good forty to fifty pounds heavier than he was. He could jump just as high and he was just as quick up and down the court.

And Chamberlain was smart. Russell considered himself one of the most serious students and analysts of basketball ever to play the game. While at San Francisco, he had thought so systematically about the game's physics and geometry the trajectories the ball drew between the horizontal plane of the court and the vertical planes of the backboards, the thrust of a 240 pound cheap hermes replica handbags body hurtling at you at twenty miles an hour and the dynamics of deflecting that thrust that he thought of himself as a scientist in sneakers. But Russell knew Chamberlain was just as smart as he was. Russell wondered if tonight he was going to be outplayed and outthought by rookie Wilton Norman Chamberlain.

People had been feeding Russell information about Chamberlain for weeks: his moves and shots particularly his fadeaway jumper what worked against him, what didn't, how close to guard him. Prepared as he was, Russell still felt unprepared because Chamberlain, from what so many people were saying, sounded simply unstoppable, a man who was going to get his thirty points regardless of what you did. Russell decided one thing: he would not look up at Chamberlain. Russell was used to being the tallest person in the room or on the court, and there was nothing that a tall person, accustomed to looking down at everyone, found more intimidating than to come face to face with someone who was even taller.

Chamberlain had spent the afternoon before the game sprawled diagonally across two beds he'd pushed together in the Hotel Lenox, trying to rest. Basketball fans had learned where he was staying, and a small crowd of them badgered him for autographs when he emerged from the hotel in the early evening. After obliging, he caught a taxi to Boston Garden. Now, sitting in the cramped and overheated visitors' locker room with the rest of the Warriors, he was nervous as well. His transition into the pros had been more difficult than he'd thought it would be, given his commanding abilities and all the press he'd received. Pro ball was more violent than college ball, for one thing. He'd been elbowed in the mouth by Willie Naulls in a game against the Knicks. And Naulls had chased him up and down the court trying to tear off the rubber band he always wore on his wrist. It was like the guy was out to get him, like there was something personal going on. Also, Chamberlain had played exhibition ball with the Harlem Globetrotters for a year before turning pro, and since the actual games the Trotters played were little more than jokey pretexts for various basketball stunts, he'd picked up a few bad habits such as clowning around and walking with the ball.

But he was adjusting. A bigger problem for Chamberlain going into the game that night against the Celtics was that although he was surrounded by some good players such as Paul Arizin and Guy Rogers, the Warriors lacked Boston's overall talent. That meant that while Bill Russell could stick to rebounding and rely on Bob Cousy and Bill Sharman to score, Chamberlain would have to play both defense and offense. He'd managed to do this so far against other teams, and the Warriors had won their first three games of the season. But he wondered if he'd live up to all the advance billing, if he could hold his own against the greatest defensive player in the league.

The Celtics fans, overwhelmingly white and working class, had tended to have conflicting feelings toward Bill Russell, their enthusiasm for him as an athlete undercut by their resentment at the fact that not only was the team dominated by a black man, but he was aloof in manner and from time to time gave voice to his indignation over his country's and Boston's racial inequities. As a result, the crowd tended to reserve its affection for Bob Cousy, the talented local boy who'd come from Holy Cross and was one of the best ball handlers in the league. But on this night, as the announcer introduced Russell to the almost 14,000 fans in the Garden, the applause, in anticipation of the matchup with Chamberlain, was thunderous.

In mid court before the tip off, Russell and Chamberlain shook hands. Russell, unable to help himself, broke his vow not to look at Chamberlain and glanced up. The man was tall. Ever since joining the league two and a half years ago, Russell had been able to do pretty much what he had wanted to do on the court. Now he replica hermes bags was facing a man who not only towered over him but could jump and dunk, had huge hands and the strength of a wrestler, and knew how to rebound and could also hit from the outside. In fact, Chamberlain went up so high when he took that outside jumper of his that it was more or less impossible to prevent the shot. How, Russell wondered, was he supposed to play him?

The referee tossed the ball into the air and they both leaped. Russell, finding that he was quicker on his feet, went into the air first and got the tip off. After that, the game quickly turned into a matchup between Russell and Chamberlain, almost as if it were a form of single combat. Those who had watched Russell and Chamberlain play individually before had never seen either man seriously challenged for control of the ball. But tonight was different. It was as if only now had each of them found an opponent worthy of his own talent, for each appeared to be forcing the other to work harder, to stretch further, to demand more of himself. Excerpted by permission of Random House, a division of Random House, Inc. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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South Africa hit world record to beat Australia

Before Sunday, no side had scored more than 400 in a one day international and South Africa's total topped Australia's record 434 for four earlier in the day.Two players, Australian captain Ricky Ponting (164) and South African Herschelle Gibbs (175), scored over copy van cleef jewelry 150 in the fifth one dayer.A total of 872 runs were scored. The previous record was 693 when India beat Pakistan by five runs in Karachi in March 2004.The previous innings record was the 398 for five Sri Lanka scored against Kenya in Kandy in 1995 96.World champions Australia had been 2 0 down in the series, suffering a record 196 run loss in the second match, before drawing level at 2 2.After winning the toss and choosing to bat, Ponting reached his century off 73 balls. In all he faced 105 deliveries, hitting 13 fours and nine sixes.Gibbs then kept the home side up with the required scoring rate by blazing 175, including seven sixes, off 111 balls. Captain Graeme Smith also scored 90, putting on 187 for the second wicket with Gibbs.Gibbs's was the second highest score by a South African after Gary Kirsten's 188 not out against the United Arab Emirates at the 1996 World Cup.Ponting is the first Australian to reach 9,000 runs in one day internationals and his innings was the third highest by an Australian.Andrew Hall dived to his left at mid on to scoop a stunning catch and remove Gilchrist for 55.Katich and Ponting piled on 119 runs for the second wicket until Katich cut a delivery from Makhaya Ntini and was caught by Telemachus at third man for 79.Ponting and Michael Hussey shared 158 for the third wicket before Hussey, who scored 81, tried to heave a ball from Hall over long on and was caught by Ntini.Ponting was dismissed in the 48th over when his lofted drive to a ball from Jacques Kallis was caught by Boeta Dippenaar.Graeme Smith and Gibbs kept the home side on course with a lusty second wicket stand of 187 off 128 balls, South Africa's highest partnership for any wicket against Australia.It bracelet van cleef and arpels imitation was ended in the 23rd over when Smith drove a catch off Michael Clarke to Hussey at deep midwicket to go for 90.Gibbs dominated a stand of 94 in which AB de Villiers scored just 14, and the centurion went in the 32nd over when he drove one of Andrew Symonds' off spinners down Brett Lee's throat at long on.That slowed South Africa's momentum, but number eight Johan van der Wath revived their hopes by scoring 35 off 18 balls while Mark Boucher rotated the strike intelligently.Australia surged back by dismissing Van der van cleef and arpels bracelets copy Wath, Telemachus and Hall in the space of 18 deliveries to reduce South Africa to 433 for nine with three balls left in the match.Number 11 Ntini nudged Lee to backward point for a single, and Boucher, who ended on 50 not out, slammed the next ball through long on for four to win the match.
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which athletes have withdrawn over Zika fears

World number one Jason Day became the latest top golfer to withdraw from August's Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games because of Zika virus concerns in late June.

The 28 year old is the seventh major champion to rule himself out of consideration, with Adam Scott, Louis Oosthuizen, Charl Schwartzel and Vijay Singh all scratching ahead of RoryMcIlroy, with Graeme McDowell declaring his absence a week before Day.

The reason for my decision is my concerns about the possible transmission of the Zika virus and the potential risks that it may present to my wife's future pregnancies and to future members of our family.

While it has always been a major goal to compete in the Olympics on behalf of my country, playing golf cannot take precedent over the safety of our family. I will not place them at risk.

In the last few months, 14 male golfers, including the fourtop seeds, have pulled out of the Rio Olympic Games.

Golf is returning to the Olympics for the first time since 1904, and the withdrawals will raise further concerns that, after a 112 absence, the sport will not last past Tokyo 2020 on the Games's roster.

So far fake hermes bracelets only one female golfers hasdeclined to take part in the event. South African Lee Anne Pace said that the future of the family "must come first."

Big tennis stars are also skipping the games over safety concerns. Milos Raonic, Simona Halep and Tomas Berdych will not be travelling to Rio. Unlike golf, however, the majority of the top seeded players will be competing.

Zika, the mosquito borne virus, can cause crippling birth defects and has also been linked to the neurological disorder Guillain Barr syndrome.

The World Health Organisation's emergency committee on the disease has said there is a "very low risk" of the Zika virus spreading further internationally as a result of the Olympic Games in Brazil.

Athletes who pulled out citing Zika fears

Jason Day Golf (Australia)

World number one Jason Day became the latest top golfer to withdraw from August's Rio replica hermes handbags de Janeiro Olympic Games because of the Zika virus just over a month before the beginning of the event.

Dustin Johnson Gold (USA)

The US Open champion pulled out at the beginning of July. The hermes replica handbags world number twohas a two year old son and said he is planning to have more children in the future.

"I felt it would be irresponsible to put myself, her or our family at risk," he said in a statement.

Jordan Spieth Golf (USA)

Spieth pulled out two days after Johnson, citing "health reasons." He had mentioned Zika fears and security concerns in previous interviews.

RoryMcIlroy issued a statement, one week before Day did,announcing that he would make himself unavailable for selection due to health fears over the Zika hermes cuff bracelet replica virus. The Northern Irishman is planning to start a family with his fiancee, Erica Stoll, andworried about the links betweenZika has and defects among newborns.

My health and my family's health comes before anything else.

Even though the risk of infection from the Zika virus is considered low, it is a risk nonetheless and a risk I am unwilling to take.

Czech Tomas Berdych pulled out of the games a day after Raonic and Halep.

The world number eight, a former Grand Slam finalist himself, said that he had decided not to travel with the Czech Republic's Olympic team because his family is his "utmost priority."

It is because of the Zika virus spread in the country of the Olympics. As I have started a family recently . limit(ing) health risks towards my nearest is the utmost priority.

I apologise to all of you who are disappointed by my decision. I wish the Czech team big success and I hope that I will soon be honoured to defend the Czech national colours again.

Karolina Pliskova Tennis (Czech Republic)

16th ranked Karolina Pliskova said she was withdrawing because of Zika hours after her connational pulled out.

Tejay van Garderen Cycling (United States)

American cyclist Tejay van Garderen is among a handful of athletes outside of golf who also cited Zika as the reason behind not going to Rio.
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Royal christenings

Catharina Amalia, the daughter of Dutch crown prince Willem Alexander and Princes Maxima, in the St. Jacobs church during her christening in The Hague, June 12, 2004.

The 3 month old son of Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, will be christened next Wednesday, Oct. 23, in the Chapel Royal at St. James' Palace. and van cleef arpels bracelet replica will last about 45 minutes.

Read more: Prince George's christening details revealedBritain's Princess Elizabeth, later Queen Elizabeth II, holds her son Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace, following his christening, Dec. 15, 1948. Seated also is Queen Mary, the mother of King George VI, who is standing behind the chair.

Credit: AP

Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark pose after the christening of their twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine at Holmens Kirke in Copenhagen, Denmark, April 14, 2011.

Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

The Duke and Duchess of York (later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother) pictured with their daughter (later, Queen Elizabeth II) as imitation van cleef and arpels clover bracelet she sleeps in a precious christening robe, which has been used in the Royal van cleef and arpels bracelets imitation Family for generations, ca. The Duke of York (later King George V) is on the Right; the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) is on the left, while Queen Victoria is holding the infant, ca. 1894.

Credit: W. D. Downey/Getty Images

Dutch Princess Laurentien and Prince Constantijn arrive with their daughter Princess Eloise Sophie Beatrix Laurence for the christening ceremony at Palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, Dec. 15, 2002.

Credit: Michel Porro/Getty Images

Norwegian teenagers hold flags during the christening of Princess Ingrid Alexandra, daughter of Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette Marit outside The Royal Palace in Oslo, Norway, April 17, 2004.

Credit: Olivier Polet/Getty Images

Dutch Princess Maxima, right, holds her youngest daughter Princess Ariane during her baptism ceremony by Reverend Deodaat van der Boon, left, in the Klooster Kerk in The Hague, Oct.

Credit: Niels Henrik Dam/Getty Images

Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria, left, holds Princess Estelle as Prince Daniel looks at her during her christening ceremony in the Royal Chapel in Stockholm, Sweded, on May 22, 2012.

Credit: AP Photo/Janerik Henriksson

Dutch Princess Ariane is carried by her mother Princess Maxima as they arrive at the Kloosterkerk for her christening ceremony in The Hague on October 20, 2007 in The Hague, The Netherlands.
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Giordania gira all'evento di cavalli

Modello Katie Price ha dato una dimostrazione di dressage al Cavallo dell'anno Show, dimostrando cos popolare che stata redatta nel finale di domenica.

Il prezzo, anche conosciuto come Jordan, entrato nell'anello al suono del canto Mysterious Girl del marito Peter Andre.

A luglio, Price stato allontanato dall'evento polo di Cartier International a Windsor, Berkshire. Ha affermato di essere stato detto che non era il tipo che volevano.

Ha poi sostenuto di sapere di pi dei cavalli che la maggior parte degli ospiti celebrit dell'evento della societ.

Il prezzo apparso all'esibizione del cavallo dell'anno sul suo cavallo, Jordan's Glamor Girl.

'Sono felice di poter invitare Katie per il finale', ha detto il regista Mark Wein.

Il prezzo ha trovato la fama come modello di glamour.

Da allora pubblica libri di bestseller, ha lanciato merce che include lingerie, cosmetici e usura equestre, e appare nella serie TV di realt Katie e Peter: Il prossimo capitolo. La BBC non responsabile del contenuto di siti esterni. Leggi di pi.

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Bazar di lusso annuncia il nuovo Pasquale Bruni

Questo comunicato stampa stato distribuito originariamente da SBWire

Philadelphia, PA (SBWIRE) 04/14/2017 Luxury Bazaar, un importante rivenditore online di articoli di moda di fascia alta, ha il piacere di annunciare che sono disponibili nuovi Pasquale Bruni, Chopard, Piaget e Estate Jewelry. Il rivenditore aggiorna quotidianamente le proprie selezioni di gioielli, in modo che i fashionistas siano incoraggiati a controllare il sito web della societ per vedere i pezzi di gioielli designer a tassi di sconto.

Adesso, i fashionistas che vogliono acquistare i gioielli autentici di Pasquale Bruni online possono ottenere molti degli articoli nel loro inventario fino al 72% di sconto. Uno degli articoli di marca di lusso che sicuramente contribuir a mettere a posto qualsiasi signora sotto il fuoco il 18K White Gold Diamond Cluster Cocktail Ring. Disponibile per un prezzo speciale di $ 1.540, questo anello di spellbinding contiene una disposizione gloriosa di fiori adornati con diamanti che pesano un totale di 0.30ct.

Gli appassionati di gioielli che hanno un'affinit per i gioielli di Chopard troveranno molti dei pezzi di marca disponibili fino al 50% di sconto. Le donne che adorano le creazioni d'avanguardia che il rivenditore di lusso offre attraverso la loro collezione Happy Diamonds pu acquistare il 18K Rose Diamond Diamond Pave Heart ciondola gli orecchini per soli $ 11.000. Questi orecchini mescalizzanti vantano una disposizione abbagliante di diamanti che pesano un totale di 0,92 centimetri e senza dubbio migliorer qualsiasi abito da cocktail di primavera o estate.

Gli intenditori di lusso che cercano il pezzo di gioielleria Piaget perfetto da aggiungere a qualsiasi armadio a molla possono esplorare la loro selezione di questi gioielli di lusso e ottenere fino al 60% di sconto. Le signore che vogliono aggiungere un ticchettio accattivante a qualsiasi abito possono considerare il Piaget Possession Eccentric Women 18K diamanti in oro bianco. Questo anello alla moda disponibile in boutique online di lusso Bazaar per $ 7.600 ed lastricato con diamanti lucenti che pesano complessivamente 3.90ct.

Ultimo, ma non meno importante, il Bazaar di lusso offre vari stili di gioielli di propriet a prezzi scontati da molte marche di fascia alta che includono, ma non sono limitate a, Tiffany Co., Cartier e Van Cleef Arpels. Infatti, le signore possono accentuare i loro polsi con l'Estate Van Cleef Arpels Vintage Alhambra 18 K Rose Gold Bracciale Motif 5 per soli $ 3,250. Timeless ed elegante, questo bracciale Vintage Alhambra una brillante interpretazione del motivo fiorito iconico.

Per conoscere meglio il Bazaar di lusso, i loro nuovi arrivi o tutti i prodotti di fascia alta che hanno in vendita, si prega di visitare il loro sito web oggi.

Bazaar di lusso un rivenditore online e boutique di specialit che vende beni di alta moda come gioielli e Swiss made orologi a tassi incredibili. Dal 2001, il Bazaar di lusso stato al dettaglio di articoli di prima classe destinati a clienti situati in tutto il mondo. L'azienda fornisce un canale in linea per i clienti per acquistare tutti i loro articoli straordinari, che includono anche i pezzi di lusso rari, vintage e beni immobili. Alcune delle famose etichette di moda che offrono includono Audemars Piguet, Hublot, Cartier, Gucci e Carerra y Carerra, a prezzi ridotti al di sotto del loro valore al dettaglio. L'attivit opera fornendo l'ultima esperienza di servizio al cliente e ha anche uno showroom a Philadelphia, dove mostrano i loro pezzi pi belli.
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right candidate Norbert Hofer defeated in presidential poll

Referring to the Austrian flag, he said a "red white red signal of hope and change, a red white red signal today goes from Austria to all the capitals of the European Union.

"Finally, you know, I will try to be an open minded, a liberal minded and first of all a pro European federal president of the Republic of Austria."

Sunday's vote was a rerun of May's election, which Mr Van der Bellen narrowly won, but it was marred by postal vote irregularities.

Media playback is unsupported on your device

Media caption"I will try to be an open minded, a liberal minded, and first of all a pro European federal president" Van der Bellen

His margin in May 30,000 votes had now increased copy van cleef & arpels necklace tenfold.

But Mr Hofer's nationalist Austrian Freedom Party (FPOe) remains a formidable force in Austrian politics. His 46.7% was the best national result to date for the FPOe.

The party's leader Heinz Christian Strache, said: "Yesterday we wrote history!" and "Our time is coming!"

Austria's next general election is set for 2018, though it might be brought forward.

France, the Netherlands and Germany all face elections next year in which anti mainstream and anti immigration parties are gaining ground.

Nationalist surge challenges Europe

Relief, for now: Analysis by Katya Adler, BBC Europe EditorThe sigh of relief at knock off van cleef necklace the outcome of Austria's presidential election was very loud indeed in Brussels with most European leaders delighted that the EU and establishment friendly, internationalist minded Mr Van der Bellen will become president.

But voters in Austria as across much of Europe and in the US were divided. There weren't many percentage points between the presidential candidates. So there will be disappointment tonight, too, amongst those who support a more nationalist minded, anti globalisation, immigration limiting point of view.

If we've learnt one thing from Brexit and the US elections, it's that voters are in an unpredictable mood. Anti establishment sentiment is on the rise, but election victories for Europe's so called populists are far from inevitable.

Opinion polls before Sunday's vote had suggested a tighter margin between the two rivals.

The fake van cleef necklace election campaign was bitter the candidates traded insults and some election posters were defaced.

Mr Hofer conceded within minutes of the first projections in this rerun.

He thanked supporters and described himself as "infinitely sad that it hasn't worked out". He called on all Austrians to work together, "regardless of how we cast our ballots".

Press sees Austria avoiding turmoil BBC Monitoring:

Papers in Austria concentrate on the domestic fall out of Alexander Van der Bellen's election.

The Kronen Zeitung says voters rejected a "massive change of the political system", but it advises Mr Van der Bellen to seek "honest reconciliation".
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Why we should all be very afraid

It is said that in 16th century Prague, a giant made of clay stalked the slums from moonrise till sunbreak. He kept a vigil, this earthen colossus, and guarded the Jews of the ghettos in an era of pogroms. By nightfall in Prague, when the townsfolk kept inside, heeding their curfew, marauders slinked along the streets to heave bricks through windows and scrawl obscenities on lintels.In 1580, a rabbi arose who promised a manmade messiah. Judah Loew, a mystic called the Maharal, whispered spells and commands into a clod of mud and sculpted a monster to crush the vandals and brutes. A clockwork man, a witless machine, the sentinel followed the rabbi's orders to the letter: "Clear the precinct after dusk." The creation meted out justice with alarming aplomb, splitting skulls and snapping femurs. Blood dappled the cobblestone lanes, and soon the oppressors avoided the ghettos altogether. Enjoying a safe season, the Jews roamed their neighborhood freely after dark. Yet the golem had not forgotten his instructions empty the streets and turned on his people for lack of other targets. For seven nights in a row, until the rabbi reversed his magic, the giant ran amok. The golem had become a goliath, plucking heads and limbs from the torsos of innocents.Fairytales are for campfire powwows and bedside reveries. Their bugbears seldom intrude on the political realm. Yet the golem isn't mere nursery chatter. The likeness of this beast, the archetypal war machine, is alive and well in the here and now. While the Czech maintain that he lies sleeping in the attic of a Prague synagogue, they are mistaken. The golem, if you can stomach the comparison, resides in the United States. He resides there and in Russia and South Korea. Today he is built not from clay and spells but toothed gears and pneumatic pistons. He has machine guns for arms and infrared cameras for eyes. Soon his kin may watch the streets of a hundred thousand Pragues, their sidearms smoking incessantly over mountains of brass shells.The United Nations has its own name for our latter day golems: "lethal autonomous robotics." In a four day conference convened on May 13 in Geneva, it described them as the imminent future of conflict, advising an international ban. "Lethal autonomous robotics (LARS) are weapon systems that, once activated, can select and engage targets without further human intervention," the council said in a report released before the session. The UN called for "national moratoria" on the "testing, production, assembly, transfer, acquisition, deployment and use" of sentient robots in the havoc of strife.The ban cannot come soon enough. In the American military, Predator drones rain Hellfire missiles on so called combatants after stalking them from afar in the sky. These avian androids do not yet cast the final judgment that honor goes to a lackey with a joystick, 8,000 miles away but it may be only a matter of years before they murder with free rein. Our restraint in this case is a question of limited nerve, not limited technology.Russia has given rifles to true automatons, which can slaughter at their own discretion. This is the pet project of Sergei Shoygu, Russia's minister of defense. Sentry robots saddled with heavy artillery now patrol ballistic missile bases, searching for people in the wrong place at the wrong time.Samsung, meanwhile, has lined the Korean DMZ with SGR A1s, unmanned robots that can shoot to shreds any North Korean spy, or doe eyed refugee, in a fraction of a second.Some hail these bloodless fighters as the start of a more humane history of war. Slaves to a program, robots cannot commit crimes of passion. Despite the odd short circuit, metal legionnaires are immune to the madness often aroused in battle. The optimists say that androids would refrain from torching villages and using children for clay pigeons. These fighters would not perform wanton rape and slash the bellies of the expecting, unless it were part of the program.Yet the program would have inherent vices, and these are the pivot points of the scare.On pages and projection screens, dystopian fabulists envision a world where android slaves revolt, re gifting their manacles to their human masters. Sheer fantasy, that future. Such thoughts plague only bug eyed conspiracists in dark basements and comic book fiends in extended adolescence. Even so, no myth wants entirely for truth. The truth here is more mundane but equally unacceptable."'Autonomous' needs to be distinguished from 'automatic' or 'automated,'" the UN report observes. "Automatic systems, such as household appliances, operate within a structured and predictable environment," while "autonomous systems can function in an open environment, under unstructured and dynamic circumstances." The embattled android would make its own hermes kelly bag faux decisions in the fickle, murky, feverish arena of war. Given the shifting ethical complexities of every second in the killing fields, the judgment and deeds of a robot would be utterly unpredictable and inveterately inadequate.By the UN's reckoning, combat calls for "human judgment, common sense, appreciation of the larger picture, understanding of the intentions behind people's actions, and understanding of values and anticipation of the direction in which events are unfolding." A poverty of context would afflict these iron shooters, inuring them to matters of insight and mercy. Imagine a coward girding himself hermes kelly bag cheap in a human shield, and tell me whether the war machine would pause or let the napalm drench them both like rain. The walking Gatling gun would be equally ill equipped to make the most standard distinctions required by international law. When pitted against all the learning disabilities known to modern neurology, the binary brain often fails in sub simian ways, and the electric gunman would find it hard to sort active combatants from civilians, let alone soldiers about replica hermes kelly to surrender.Along with the inevitable crimes against humanity would come an excuse for strategists intending to perpetrate them. "A responsibility vacuum would emerge," the UN forewarns. The horrors of war recuse themselves in bureaucracy. In her monograph, Violence, the philosopher Hannah Arendt notes that "in a fully developed bureaucracy, there is nobody left with whom one can argue, to whom one could present grievances, on whom the pressures of power could be exerted." A war waged by an army of androids, outfitted with weapons but not will, would offer the ultimate gift of bureaucracy: how much is a kelly bag total unaccountability. An automaton cannot answer for its actions. After torching a hut of huddled women and children, no robot would hear its Miranda rights and monologize in front of a jury. All violence would become anonymous in this faceless infantry, and the powers would write off all evils as errors. For military leaders, rampant murder would devolve to mere negligence.Even as nafs tout a lessening in the loss of life, even as they say that shattered machines would be better than soldiers brought home in boxes, death on the opposite side would swell to unprecedented proportions. A robot army would reduce the human risk of invasion, trimming the threshold to war. "Modern technology allows increasing distance to be put between weapons users and the lethal force they project," the UN report avers. With our smart bombs and Predator drones, we can and do already waste villages by pressing red buttons from the comfort of recliners in Fort Drum and Langley. A commander should sink his nose into the stink of war, into its pong of burning flesh, smoking gunpowder and evacuated bowels. Kept from the nausea of butchery, an aggressor can kill without even meaning it. Victims become mere tallies in spreadsheets, signs of some vague progress. The UN notes that robots "would add a new dimension to this distancing, in that targeting decisions could be taken by the robots themselves. In addition to being physically removed from the kinetic action, humans would also become more detached from decisions to kill and their execution." Besides numbing us to what it means for others to suffer in war, our bandoliered androids would help us forget what it means for us to suffer in war. The cost of conflict would be purely economic, a chance of busted springs and fried wires. Skirmishes abroad would become noncommittal, capricious and arbitrary, opening the gate to perpetual carnage.The wayward automaton is a time honored fear, going back as far as ancient Greece. Daedalus was famed for the hubris of fitting his son, Icarus, with waxen wings that melted in the sun, but he was equally well known for tinkering with "living statues," or androids. In Plato's tells Callistratus that "you have not observed with attention the images of Daedalus. If they are not fastened up, they play truant and run away." Yet even Daedalus shied from rigging his toys with the tools of homicide. Millennia later, that danger is real and present, and in May 2014, a host of Nobel Peace laureates released a letter demanding a ban. "Billions of dollars are already being spent to research new systems for the air, land, and sea that one day would make drones seem as quaint as the Motel T Ford does today," the notice reads, signed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, former President F. W. de Klerk of South Africa, former President Lech Walesa of Poland, and many others. (Notably absent was the recipient of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, President Barack Obama.) "It is unconscionable that human beings are expanding research and development of lethal machines that would be able to kill people without human intervention," the signatories say.These robots are our golems utterly unpredictable, entirely unaccountable, alarmingly enabling. The horizon of war reeks of their casualties, with every blue face, every lank arm, the output of an arbitrary machine. It is said that in sixteenth century Prague the rabbi Judah Loew felled his golem once and for all by scribbling met, the Hebrew word for dead, on its head. Let us retire our golems before they inscribe the same word on ours.
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Sexual abuse reported in Maharashtra's children's shelter

Sexual abuse is not the first instance of misconduct that has emerged from the residential school run by the Chandraprabha Charitable Trust in Karjat, reports Devidas Deshpande.

Investigation into the case of sexual abuse of minors in a shelter home in Karjat taluka of Maharashtra's Raigad district has brought out more disturbing details.

Shiv knock off van cleef arpels alhambra necklace Sena leader and member of legislative council Neelam Gorhe, who had taken up the matter then, said, had written to the police officers to investigate the case thoroughly. Tonde's husband was a warkari (a devotee of Lord Vitthal of Pandarpur) and never touched alcohol, but it was shown that he died due to liquor consumption. His family has time and again claimed it was murder. His death was buried in files because of 'relations' between Dabholkar and police officials.

Ironically, the shelter where the alleged atrocities took place is run by the Chandraprabha Charitable Trust that has been receiving aid from the zilla parishad and the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.

Around 50 students from Pune district were brought to the shelter home, situated in a remote village, around 25 km from Katraj, for their education. It is alleged that over the past 12 years, these students have been subjected to abuse.

But this is not the only ashramshala (residential school) situated in the area. Bordering the tribal belt of Thane district, Karjat, there are a good number of residential schools where tribal children from surrounding areas stay and pursue their studies.

Stories of atrocities have gone unreported as these residential schools are located in a remote village and the perpetrators managed to keep the children away from the public eye. But at the same time they succeeded in soliciting financial aid from other cities.

Click on NEXT to read more.

The matter came to light only when one of the students informed her parents of sexual abuse and harassment at the ashram. The girl parents approached their employer who in turn contacted Childline, an NGO in Pune.

Anuradha Sahasrabuddhe, director of Childline, Pune, contacted volunteers of her organisation in Raigad, who filed a complaint with the Karjat police.

Following van cleef arpels necklace fake the complaint, the police, last week, arrested Ajit Dabholkar, director, and manager Lalita Tonde of the Chandraprabha Charitable Trust. They were remanded to police custody till June 5.

The complaint led to cases being filed for sexual abuse of five girls and boys.

But Childline official in Raigad, Ashok Jangle, claimed that as many as 32 boys and girls were subjected to abuse. were subjected to inhuman acts that can't be spoken of in public. Many parents are unwilling to come forward and the police have been reluctant to file cases, he said.

Senior police inspector at Karjat police station, R R Patil, confirmed that a case of abuse of five students was registered. But he said no other students had come forward with complaints.

Jangle has been critical of the way the police have handled the case. police have been reluctant to filecases. They also took the victims and accused from Pune to Alibaug for medical checkup in the same van, which is against the law. The police took four days to seal knock off van cleef arpels necklace the residential school and two days to raid Dabholkar's house in Pune. This allowed the accused to destroy significant evidence, said Jangle.

Click on NEXT to read more.

Protests by volunteers and political organisations forced the Crime Branch to take over the case.

The building that houses the residential school has good facilities. carry out checks in such schools and orphanages from time to time. But the facilities are good and one does not know what goes on inside, Sahasrabuddhe admitted.

CCT's residential school is among several schools in the area. There are five schools run by government agencies for tribal development.

carried out a survey of such schools and found four private schools. All of them are registered institutions, Patil said. He agreed that such investigations are done only on receiving complaints.

But Patil's statement is in stark contrast with what Varsha Gaikwad, state minister for women and child welfare, has to say. But I have directed all district officials to check all such institutions and even ones running in private homes. Jangle contradicted Patil's claim. He listed seven such residential schools operating in Raigad district. They are situated in Kalokhe village (Panvel), Vagani, Sector 6, Pen Savarsai, Karjat Neral, Khalapur Rees and Khalapur railway station.

This is the second major scandal in the last three years in Raigad involving sexual abuse of children. A sessions court in Mumbai had convicted six people for raping and torturing disabled inmates of Panvel's Kalyani Mahila and Bal Seva Sanstha, a private shelter for orphans, disabled and the destitute. The shelter founder Ramchandra Karanjule was sentenced to death last year.
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Vis Finders Hard werken om te zoeken en zet je op de top van een grote vangst

Vis vinders zijn het beste instrument om te gebruiken, zodat u kunt vinden en uw boot op de top van de vis plaatsen. Sonar alle vis vinders gebruiken voor het scannen van het water. Een geluidsgolf wordt verzonden vanuit de finder vis door het water vormt een kegel. Wanneer een object wordt gedetecteerd, meet de finder vis hermes kelly bag price imitation de hoeveelheid tijd tussen waarop de geluidsgolf is verzonden en wanneer het teruggestuurd naar de eenheid en wordt weergegeven op het scherm.

Als de geluidsgolf doet niet speurder iets raakt de bodem. Zachte bodems kelly hermes bag replica zoals modder zal absorberen het signaal terwijl harde bodems als rots zal een sterker signaal weerspiegelen en stuur het terug. De kleine verschillen in reflecties worden weergegeven op het scherm en dit toont aan hoe de bodem wordt gelezen.

Kegel hoeken zijn de meting van de sonar balken in graden. Ze worden gewaardeerd tegen " 10db" dat is een manier van de meting is consistent van een transducer naar de andere en voor het vermogen van de vis finder nauwkeurig. Elke fabrikant en vis finder model hebben verschillende kegel hoeken. Humminbird maakt gebruik van een geavanceerde multi beam systeem dat 2, 3 of zelfs 6 sonar balken stuurt terwijl de meeste van de andere merken 1 sonar beam gebruiken.

Hier is een snelle referentie grafiek voor de overdekte ruimte voor een specifieke kegel hoek. Voorbeeld: Als u op een diepte van 10 meter en een hoek van 20 graden, kegel vissen, het gebied op de bodem is 3,5 meter.

Vis doelstellingen zal worden weergegeven als een symbool van Fish ID of een "boog" die een onbewerkte sonar terugkeren, de keuze zal zijn. Vis ID symbolen worden bepaald van een zwevende vorm van de sonar lichtbundel wordt geanalyseerd om te zien of het een vis. Als een vis wordt aangetroffen, hermes kelly price fake wordt het op uw beeldscherm gezien als de afbeelding van een vis. Bogen worden weergegeven van de kenmerken van de sonar. Vis die de balk passeren worden gezien als een boog op het scherm. De gevoeligheidinstelling van de van de eenheid, diepte van het water, boot hermes kelly bag cheap snelheid en locatie van vis zal bepalen de grootte van de boog.

Helderheid van het water, de sterke wind en de stromingen luchtzakken kunt maken en heeft veel te maken met de integriteit van het signaal. Kleine minerale deeltjes zoals plankton, algen en andere micro organismen kunnen absorberen de geluidsgolf in plaats van als gevolg van het terug naar de eenheid. De actie van de golven zal ook bepalen de hoeveelheid lucht in de vergelijking en invloed op de lezing.

Omvormers zijn gemonteerd in het water aan de binnenkant van de romp, op de spiegel of op de trolling motor. Van een kabel die naar de finder vis van de transducer is aangesloten, een elektrisch signaal van de zender is genomen en verandert het in sonar. De transducer moet altijd worden gemonteerd recht naar beneden en weg van motoren of andere obstakels.

Er zijn twee verschillende soorten schermen beschikbaar. Een LCD scherm wordt gemeten in pixels die toont de sonar informatie. Hoe meer pixels zijn er dat de helderheid van het beeld zal zijn beter. FSTN beeldschermen bieden een hoog contrast image voor gemakkelijke lezing die kan worden gezien van overal op de boot. Zij maken gebruik van grijstinten technologie die meer detail biedt door te laten zien de afbeelding sonar in verschillende schaduw van grijs die gemakkelijk onderscheid maken kunt wat de bodem is en wat de vis zijn.

Verwante artikelen in de visserij

Mensen die genteresseerd zijn in het bovenstaande artikel zijn ook genteresseerd in de aanverwante artikelen hieronder:

Vallen in de Winter Water aan ijs

Er is geen twijfel val heeft verlaten en winter is aangekomen. Onze loofbomen heb het vergoten van hun bladeren. Vorst van de vroege ochtend en warme dagen hebben aan bevroren grond en been koelen wind gedraaid. Activiteit op onze meer wordt vertegenwoordigd door een paar eenden spatten in de iets warmer beek gevoed wateren.

Wat u moet weten over Fishing Charters, Before You Book

Als je vissen van het Handvest voor de allereerste keer gaat, hebt u waarschijnlijk veel vragen over de hele ervaring. Wat u zoekt in een charter boot? Zal uw kinderen veilig? Hoe lang duurt de reis? Is er een garantie dat u zult sommige grote vissen te vangen? Het is goed om te hebben al uw zorgen behandeld alvorens in te gaan voor de reis.
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Seagal Plays At Gig For Pro

Seagal, who knows Russian President Vladimir Putin, and his blues band played at a bikers' show held in the city of Sevastopol, home to Russia's Black Sea Fleet.

The martial artist has come under fire for supporting Russia's annexation of the peninsula from Ukraine in March, a view which saw him removed from the line up at an Estonian blues festival earlier this summer.

At copy yellow gold Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet the corner of the stage hung the black, blue and red flag of the Donetsk People's Republic (DNR), declared independent by separatist pro Russian rebels fighting to break away from Ukraine.

Fans waved Russian and DNR flags as Seagal sang and played his guitar.

The news agency RIA Novosti reported that Seagal was then handed a shirt with Mr Putin's face on it, which he held aloft as he thanked the crowd.

The star is reported to have said he travelled to the region because music unites people.

In a March interview with a Russian newspaper, Seagal imitation van cleef bracelet was quoted as saying that Mr Putin's desire to protect Russians in Crimea was completely reasonable.

Crimea's largely Russian speaking residents voted in March to become part of Russia in a hastily organised referendum held as Russian troops patrolled the Black Sea peninsula.

Seagal is not the only celebrity to have struck up an unusual relationship with a political figure.

French actor Gerard Depardieu was personally welcomed to Russia by Mr Putin when he abandoned his native France in order to avoid higher taxes.

Former basketball player Dennis Rodman has travelled to North Korea a number of times to meet his "friend" Kim Jong un.

And other celebrities have come to regret performing for high profile political leaders.

In 2007 Nelly Furtado for replica van cleef & arpels bracelet Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's family in Italy. When violence broke out in the country following 2011's Arab Spring, she reportedly donated the $1m earned for the performance to charity.

Beyonce also performed for the Libyan leader at a New Year's Eve party in 2009.

Celebrities including singer Seal, violinist Vanessa Mae, double Oscar winning actress Hilary Swank and actor Jean Claude van Damme caused controversy by performing at a birthday party for Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov in 2011.

Mr Kadyrov has faced criticism over his human rights record. Ms Swank later said she regretted her appearance.

Earlier that year, footballers including ex Liverpool stars Robbie Fowler and Steve McManaman took part in a football match with Mr Kadyrov. Half time entertainment was provided by British singer Craig David.
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'We cannot talk to India without Kashmir'

Pakistan has made it clear that there can be no talks with India unless Kashmir is on the agenda.

Interacting with television channel CNN IBN, Pakistan's National Security Advisor Sartaz Aziz dismissed the notion that the Pakistani Army had scuttled the talks with New Delhi and said that the military and Islamabad are united on the Kashmir agenda.

CNN IBN: When the two leaders met in Ufa, there was an impression that they developed an understanding. What according to you was that understanding? What was intent of the Ufa statement according to you?

Sartaz Aziz: It is a very relevant question because our interpretations do not seem to converge.

First of all, I think at the moment the first thing was of course that it was the first contact, ice breaker, India suggested that the two NSAs meet to discuss issues connected to terrorism and we should also discuss the border questions through meetings of the DGMOs and DG BSF and to non controversial items like fishermen and religious tourism but we suggested that unless outstanding issues are discussed it will not promote peace.

After discussion they agreed that India and Pakistan have collective responsibility to ensure peace and promote development. To do so they are prepared to discuss all outstanding issues.

Now Sushma Swaraj's interpretation is that that's a preambular paragraph and the operative paragraph is the one in which all the decisions are given. Now if you read the thing properly, they agreed and what she calls the operative paragraph that says they also agreed.

When use the word also which means both are equally important and there is no preambular paragraph. The formulation and structure of preambular vs operational is very different so that is one.

The more difficult question, the more fundamental question is what will promote the objective of Ufa? Which is to reduce tension and promote peace.

Now if we only discuss terrorism then obviously, it can probably vitiate the atmosphere and may not necessarily improve trust . So our emphasis on discussing all issues without which durable peace cannot come is totally relevant and discount hermes bags that's why in our agenda we suggested yes we are ready to discuss terrorism because it is not just your concern, we are equally concerned and we can also review two three items like fishermen and others. But then only thing we suggested under the third item was modalities to discuss the other outstanding issues this means when and how and what time frame.

Not that we will have substantial discussion but this insistence that we will do only terrorism and in due course have the composite, now the resumed dialogue which includes Kashmir and other issues is not a correct interpretation because under the composite dialogue terrorism was always discussed along with other issues.

So this unilateral decision that we first discuss terrorism and nothing else, I don think justifies Ufa. The replica hermes bracelets spirit of Ufa should be linked to the objective of Ufa which is to improve trust and reduce tensions and improve the prospects replica hermes bag price for peace in that sense, some discussion or initial discussion on the broader issues at least in terms of the road map because I think basically without cheap black enamel bracelet our interpretation, in fact you know when you meet at this level you don't say we are not going to talk about anything else, I mean normally when two countries meet they discuss some in detail and others they discuss on a preliminary basis.

On the one hand, they say they are not imposing pre conditions then they impose the two preconditions that the agenda will be narrower and the Hurriyat leaders.

CNN IBN: Right Sir, I think what the minister said in the press conference she held yesterday was that India is not running away from discussing Jammu and Kashmir and India has always said it is a part of all outstanding issues but during this meeting, considering this was a meeting between the two NSAs, the focus would be on security and the focus would be on terror. Could this meeting not have happened on one problem that you say your country faces too?

Sartaz Aziz: You see if you really go deeper into this, they say start discussion and until terrorism is discussed and resolved some how and so any time there is a small incident you can postpone the discussion indefinitely.

In the past when terror could be discussed along with others why this unilateral decision that terror alone be discussed because the objective is to discuss those issues that promote peace and reduce tension.

So I think this insistence on narrow definition obviously meant to avoid discussion and we were not talking of substantial discussion on Kashmir but at least the modalities and the frame work and obviously when I go to Delhi I will meet the NSA then our foreign secretary could meet his counterpart, we even requested a call on to the EAM and PM so the other issues could be discussed there so why insist that this time nothing else will be discussed.

It is very unfortunate, because dialogue between two countries was at least at some level beginning and to loose that window of opportunity is rather unfortunate.

CNN IBN: Was diplomacy conducted in complete media glare, would you agree? Or was there a back channel? Did the two countries try to have a back channel to come up with a diplomatic solution at all or no?

Sartaz Aziz: Back channel issue is a different matter. Once we start the front channel, some issues are better pursued in back channel but back channel without the front channel is meaningless.

This is the whole concept of modalities when we talk of modalities that means okay let start this and this we can discuss in back channel and this is the whole concept of modalities. So once we have an opportunity we should have used that to promote the dialogue process.

One should accept that composite or resumed dialogue is necessary and then you don't delay it particularly when the only discussing channel can further vitiate the atmosphere rather than improve it.

CNN IBN: What about the meeting between the DGMOs and the DG BSF and the Pakistan rangers, is that going ahead Sir?

Sartaz Aziz: Yes, rangers and BSF is going ahead but her assumption that they were suppose to meet before, this was not in Ufa.

First was NSA and then early meetings of BSF and followed by by that of DGMOs. They, of course, talked to each other every week and we would like the BSF and the rangers to meet because I think reducing tension on the LoC necessary, even if the NSAs have not met we must pursue that particular agenda because humanitarian issues are involved, civilians are dying, people's lives are disrupted so we would like to intensify that direction but that is not possible only at that level, DGMOs will also talk.

It requires a mechanism to go beyond and suggestions have been made to make sure that some reduction in tensions take place

CNN IBN: And Sir can you confirm the dates for both these meetings?

Sartaz Aziz: The BSF is confirmed for the sixth, they have already had a preliminary meeting to discuss the agenda they will be meeting on the sixth of September. The DGMO talks happen every week anyway and they can agree among themselves whenever they want to meet.
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See how bad auto crime is in your area

The second map lets you see how the auto crime rate in your neighbourhood compares to other neighbourhoods across the province. since 2003, but there are still about 12,000 cars stolen in the province every replica van cleef diamond bracelet year and more than 45,000 cars broken into.Metro Vancouver's theft from auto rate is higher than most other major Canadian cities and three times the rate of metropolitan Toronto.The two maps were created from data The Sun requested from ICBC. The public insurer provided The Sun with unprecedented access to its claims data, including the location of more than 400,000 auto crimes reported to the insurer since 2003. The data did not include personal information on claimants.Over the coming days, The Sun will be publishing a series of stories analyzing that crime data in more detail. But readers can dig into the data themselves using maps available on the website starting today. between 2009 and 2012, colour coded by type of crime (stolen vehicle, theft from auto and vandalism). Readers can type in their address or place of work to see all crimes within a 1, 2, 5 or 10 km radius of their home.Clicking on any of the crime locations brings up more details about the incident, including a Google Street View image of the area where the crime occurred. Clicking on different years reveals how crime patterns have changed in the area over time.The second, colour coded map shows the per capita auto crime van cleef and arpels bracelet copy rate for every postal code area in the province, revealing where vehicle thefts and car break ins are most common. has about 190 of them.Clicking on a postal code area brings up a chart showing the trend in auto crimes in that area over the past 10 years.The Sun's maps are based on insurance claims made to ICBC by its customers, so it doesn't include crimes that weren't reported or claims made by the minority of British Columbians who get their optional insurance from another company.The maps don't include auto crimes where the location of the crime was not recorded. Email reporter Chad Skelton at and tell us how auto crime has affected you. If you've got any photos that help illustrate your story, be sure to attach them to the email.On the Blood reserve, progress in the fight against opioid addiction and deathsSTAND OFF In the wake of four more fentanyl overdose deaths month, Blood Tribe in Stand Off on Tuesday to update band and government on the opioid crisis.A family affair: St Viateur Bagel celebrates 60 yearsBagels are the great equalizer. Everybody eats them, everybody loves them and everybody is invited to the bagel factory's block party on Sunday.Vaughn Palmer: Vote verdict in Comox will clear political pictureTuesday saw the NDP lead trimmed to 12, then the Liberals pulled ahead by three and, as counting ended.Daphne Bramham: Preserving Chinatown should be a local and national priorityGreat cities replica van cleef white gold bracelet have texture. They have buildings, places and communities that reflect their unique character.Daphne Bramham: Granville Island reboot lacks a daring vision for the futureGranville Island was one bold, big idea. Never before had industrial land been reclaimed as public space.